3rd Trimester Update


We made it! 36 weeks today, and next week I will be considered full term. Now, this means little to me as Sophie didn’t decide to come until 41 weeks, but I can’t help getting my hopes up just a little. This trimester has been tough, I’m not going to lie. I battled the stomach flu, did a lot of traveling, and chased a toddler around daily. I did things I probably shouldn’t have done like carry my beautiful 20 lb daughter up and down our stairs, decorated for Christmas, and carried numerous loads of laundry to and from the basement. Luckily, baby and I are safe and healthy and anticipating a nice delivery.


I’m definitely bigger this time around, as some of the maternity clothes that fit me so well with Sophie, feel a little tighter. However, you should know That I’ve gained exactly the same amount of weight with this pregnancy as I did with Sophie, and I actually began this pregnancy 10 lbs lighter. I guess I’m just carrying the weight differently this time around…


Despite the heartburn, lack of sleep, sciatica nerve pain, lower back pain, and overall exhaustion, I truly am so excited to be having this baby. It has been amazing to see Sophie become conscious of this new life growing within me, and I am highly anticipating everyone meeting our new little girlie.

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