My Hospital Bag


Since this is baby #2 for me, I was a little wiser when it came to packing my hospital bag. Don’t get me wrong, I definitely had everything I needed the first time around, but I wayy over packed for my 48 hour stay and wanted to make sure I only brought the basics this time around. So, here’s what I have for baby and I:


New Mama:
New PJ’s To me, it is an added bonus to open up the suitcase after having just given birth, and having some nice new, cozy PJ’s to throw on. They don’t have to be a splurge, in fact, I recommend you just get some from Walmart, because they will probably end up with some form of bodily fluid on them.
Indulgent soap My first shower after giving birth was a very special time for me. A time for me to be alone, process what I had just done, and make myself presentable to meet my baby. Maybe other people don’t think of the first shower as being special, but I’m a ritualistic person… and just like showering before my wedding was  important, this shower felt equally as important. I buy myself a bar of really high quality, nice smelling soap that I have packed away in my bag, only to be used postpartum.
toiletries (deodorant, tinted lip balm, moisturizer, tiny eyeliner pencil, tooth brush) You don’t have to bring your whole makeup bag, but I liked having just a couple things to throw on while people were visiting throughout the day. I kept it simple though, with eyeliner and tinted lip balm, so that I could easily wipe it off if it became uncomfortable.
nursing pads My milk didn’t come in until I was already home, but they are still handy to have just in case, and they don’t take up any room.
slipper socks Some say hospitals are chilly so socks are handy to have anyway, but you’ll also be a little fragile after giving birth, so having little gripper socks with you gives some added stability.
nursing tanks I didn’t really think this through with baby #1. I ended up wearing my nightgown and hospital gown for a lot of my stay because those were the only things I could easily nurse in. This time I packed 2 nursing tank tops and a nursing shirt.
robe Like I said, some times you’re not as “presentable” as you’d hope when visitors come by. A robe is handy for wrapping yourself up when you’re too tired to get dressed, or if you want to walk down the hall to get ice.
pillow from home All the nurses made fun of me and called me “the pillow queen” because I insisted on having my memory foam pillow from home, as well as a hospital pillow behind my back and under my feet. Laugh all you want, but those beds are not comfortable for even the most well-rested and non-injured of people. I was exhausted and dealing with stitches on my underside, so I think I’m entitled to however many pillows I want! Of course, this isn’t some thing that fits into your suitcase, so either remember it at the last minute, or have some one run home to get it for you on their way to the hospital.
optional things… some hospitals offer these items to you which is why I didn’t pack them: nipple cream, postpartum pads, extra large undies, diapers and wipes for baby


For baby:
nursing pillow My nursing pillow actually did fit nicely into our suitcase (I packed a small, carry-on sized suitcase). Like I said above, it can be hard to get comfortable. It’s nice to have the nursing pillow as an option.
bamboo swaddling blanket I was skeptical about [what seemed like] this trend. But my aunt got me a set for Christmas, and after 1 wash, these are honestly the softest blankets ever. Also, they have some stretch to them, which is great when you’re first learning how to swaddle.
special hospital cap For baby #1, I wanted her to have the classic, blue and pink striped cap from the hospital, but this time around I couldn’t deny getting a cute pink cap with a bow for our second little girl.
take home outfit It will be the dead of winter when I give birth to this baby, so whatever little onesie they give you at the hospital won’t be enough for baby to ride home in. I packed a short sleeved onesie to be layered with a fleece bodysuit.
nightgown My mother got me the cutest nightgown for baby with pink princess crowns on it. These nightgowns make night time diaper changes a breeze, as you’re not trying to fumble around with snaps like you would with a onesie.
burp cloths The hospital usually has some, but I packed extra just in case we soil all the hospital provided ones.
carseat This is obviously a must for bringing baby home. Since it will be winter still, I got a cozy car seat cover to go in the carseat, as well as a fleece cover to go over top.


For Dad:
loose change For the vending machine. Who knows what time of night I’ll go into labor. It may be awhile before he has the opportunity to eat real food.
-a pen It may seem silly, but there is a lot of paperwork to fill out while you’re in the hospital!
power bank You may forget your charger on your way out the door, but if you have a fully charged power bank packed in your bag, you can charge on the go!
tooth brush, lounge pants, PJ pants, and a change of boxers Really, this trip is all about mom and making her as comfortable as possible. Dad just gets a little space in the suitcase for basics. If he needs some thing else, he can run home when he has a good opportunity, or have some one else bring him what he needs later.

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