Nursery Reveal


Ok so it is less of s nursery reveal, and more of a “corner of my bedroom” reveal. Either way, I wanted to show you all how we made room for our new little girlie despite not having an actual, available room for her sat the moment.


Working on this little project has helped me to live in the moment, and suspend my worries and anxieties about the future. Yes, we are house hunting, and yes we may have to move with a newborn… but maybe we won’t. Maybe some thing will fall through, and that’s all apart of God’s plan for our little family. My husband reminded me that I can’t live my life preparing for every little “what if” because the possibilities are exponential and there is no way to prepare for them all. What is most important, is that you do your very best to prepare for what’s happening now.


What’s happening now, is that I could logically go into labor at any moment. I’m 2 weeks away from being “due” but this baby can come whenever she feels she’s ready. I’m trying not to get my hopes up for that either, and at this point I’d actually prefer if our Little Miss would wait and come while my mother is out for a visit.

Again, numerous possibilities on how this labor could go down… So instead, I’ll lay some sheep skin under the cradle, clear the top of my dresser so that is can function as a changing table, and try to make room for the rocking chair.


I also had fun making this cute little collage of things that represent our family on this little cork board. I wanted the baby stuff to still blend in with our current bedroom, while still personalizing the space for our newest addition.

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