Sophie’s 1.5 Year Update


All this talk about a new baby, and when is the last time that I updated you all on Sophie’s silly antics? It has been awhile. Well, let me tell you, she is one impressive lady! At her 18 month checkup, her doctor asked us “How many words can she say? At least 10?” We didn’t know how many exactly, but we knew she could say at least 10. So when we got home, we made a list of all the words that she can both say and comprehend if said to her. The list ended being close to 40. FORTY. I mean, I felt like my kid was a genius (until she tripped over nothing in the living room while walking at a moderate pace… clearly more brain than brawn…)


Now that she is closer to 2, it seems like she’s learning 2-3 new words EVERYDAY. She walks smoothly, she can go up and down the stairs by herself, which has actually been a blessing for my pregnant self, since I can no longer carry her up and down the stairs. She is starting to show genuine interest in the potty, So I’m hoping my days of having 2 kids in diapers will be short-lived.


She has become exponentially more affectionate. She gives hugs, kisses, and pats on the back. Her current obsession is Winnie the Pooh (only the classic “Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh”) and bees. Yes, bees. The bee obsession began with Winnie the Pooh and his quest to steal the bees’ honey, but has carried over to this obscure Dutch show called “Maya the Bee.” Any time she sees a picture of a bee, she gets excited and laughs, pointing at the image saying “BEEEE!”


Her 2 favorite books are ‘The Pout-Pout Fish’ and ‘Potty,’ where she learned the word “hooray!” Actually, “hooray!” is probably the cutest thing she says currently. She still sucks her thumb, and that really doesn’t worry me because it keeps her content and consoled when I can’t. I have faith that she’ll eventually outgrow it without any special intervention from me.

And that is pretty much Sophie in a nutshell! I love that sweet girlie, and am amazed at how much she grows every day! I can’t wait to see her interact with her new baby sister!

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  1. To Arizona......and beyond · February 5, 2016

    Lovely photos in the snow!


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