Sister, Sister

I can’t tell you how much time and energy I invested worrying about how Sophie would transition to having a newborn around. Would she act out angrily? Would she be devastated? Well, so far she just seems indifferent

She was a little confused when she walked into my recovery room, early on the morning I had given birth to Cora. Everyone was eagerly watching her reaction to the bundle in my mother’s arms. Sophie walked up, and ever so sweetly leaned in and pursed her lips. My mom lifted Cora up so Sophie could plant a nice little kiss on her forehead. After that, it was business as usual. She wanted to play on some one’s cell phone and eat a snack. That trend has continued ever since the first day and I have to say, I’m quite relieved.


Every once in awhile she gets curious, or concerned when the baby is crying, but otherwise she doesn’t detect any reason to act out or think that anything is different. She’ll approach this little rock ‘n’ play cradle that we keep by the window and say “oh, bebe!” or some times she’ll gently rock it, wanting to “help,” and those are the moments that melt my heart. Hopefully, her love and interest will only grow and we will continue to have a smooth transition. I truly believe that having the girls close in age will help, as Sophie will never quite feel “dethroned,” in fact, I think very shortly she’ll hardly remember a time without her baby sister.

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