Transitioning to Toddler


So much talk about a new baby lately, and hardly any updates on our little Sugar Plum. The second I saw her, after giving birth, I felt as if I had been transported 5 years into the future. She just seemed so BIG. The little baby I had left behind when I went to go give birth at the hospital had some how become a toddler overnight.

Her vocabulary is soaring. You may think you can’t reason with a toddler (and some times you can’t) but it’s much easier to reason with a toddler who has a decent vocabulary than with a newborn. She can tell me if she’s missing her Gigi, or if she’s sleepy, hungry, or needs help. Our ability to communicate with one another has seriously improved our relationship.

Aaaand with that ability to communicate, she has become very opinionated. She will demand 5+ shows to watch on Netflix, when I tell her it is time to do some thing, she’ll say “NO” (as if she has a choice). She calls her baby sister stinky, and also likes to point out things on MY body that she finds to be “ew” or “yuck.” It’s a precious, precious phase.

In all seriousness, I love being able to witness this growth. The moments I suffer through of her being a total disobedient stinker only highlight the ever elusive kisses she gives. Our cuddle time is also sacred to me, as well as the phrase “ah-wuv-oo” (I love you). In the words of kate spade, “She is quick, and curious, and playful, and strong,” and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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