Cora Update



Cora hit the 2 week mark on Wednesday and she is growing so fast! She has gain almost an inch in height, as well as more than a pound in weight! I was so nervous about my body making enough milk, and equally concerned about Cora’s ability [or lack of…] to wake up and actually eat for a full feeding. She must be getting enough though, as her doctor was elated by her recent stats.

She wasn’t crazy about the pacifier at first, but has since taken it for comfort since I’ve been pushing it I know, you must think I’m crazy for being a binky pusher, but you have to understand that I’m chasing a 2 year old around as well, and I can’t always pacify Cora with my breast just for kicks, hence my need for the paci.


She takes a breastmilk from a bottle fabulously, which is fantastic news for me, because that means freedom. I can pump milk for certain occasions when I need to get out of the house without baby.


She sleeps 4 hour chunks which allows me to get a decent amount of sleep also. She maintains this pattern throughout the day, which helps me get chores done. Overall, she’s a really chill baby. Sophie was equally relaxed, so I’ve been fairly spoiled with my girls up to this point.


We spend our evenings cuddled up with the girls, usually watching some Disney movie on TV. It isn’t extremely glamorous, or particularly eventful at this point. Once it warms up, we like to go on walks or sit on the porch and blow bubbles, so I’m sure we will resume those warm-weather activities as soon as possible.

Otherwise, I feel like we have transitioned quite nicely. There are the occasional tantrums from both kids that make my life particularly challenging and annoying some times… but I wouldn’t have it any other way. There are an equal amount of hugs, kisses, and smile that make those tough moments disappear. God is good.

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