Signs of Spring


In Ohio, you have to use the “S” word carefully. One has to use caution, not to use it too soon. See, we can still get snow flurries and blizzard-like temperatures well into March, and so I am always careful not to get my hopes up. There are a few thunderstorms in the forecast, but overall, it looks like temps are warming up for Spring.


Sophie’s new favorite activity, is to organize and sort the rocks we have outside our porch. It’s cute to watch her study each one, but not so cute when she pull me down to the ground, and insist that I “sit” and help her. Yes, she’s become a little more demanding in the past few weeks. Either way, it has still be nice to sit out on the porch and blow bubbles in the evening.


We are all particularly excited about the bulb flowers that are emerging from the soil. That is almost always a sign of spring, though, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of bulbs dusted with snow in winters past.


We’re still in the midst of Lent, and while every fiber of my being wants to pull out my brightly colored Easter decorations, I’m trying to maintain the liturgical temperature of the church in our home.

There is some big news I’m excited to share with my readers soon! This “big news” has led to a busy week for J and I, but it has been made a lot simpler with homemade meals from some of the other moms in the new church we just joined. I feel so blessed that so many other [busy] moms, who don’t even know me, would dedicate some time into making sure my family has healthy, homemade meals as we transition to life with a new baby. It truly has helped us and I am so thankful!

That’s all the updates I have for today, but keep your eyes peeled for a special announcement on Monday!

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