Reflections from Sunday


It’s hard not to get into the Easter mindset when decorations, egg hunts, and seasonal candy seem to be everywhere. You can’t escape it, as preparations need to be done for Easter ahead of time, but I’ve been trying to keep my focus on the crucifixion as we head into Holy Week. As the saying goes, “There can be no Easter Sunday without a Good Friday.” Though I obviously couldn’t resist a short Easter photo shoot with Cora in her new basket…

I was trying to have some quiet prayer time in adoration on Sunday [ha!] and was having a hard time focusing seeing as how we brought the girls with us. I thought, Lord, short of a burning bush, I don’t see how you’ll ever get my attention, on to you and off of my children, long enough for me to hear what you have to say. Even then, I’d still be snapping at my kids to stay away from the bush engulfed in flames.


Motherhood is just a tough vocation in terms of spiritual callings. The good news is, your sacrifices and suffering are built-in. You don’t have to worry yourself or  put in any extra effort into penance. The bad news is you constantly feel submerged in the chaos, and finding quiet prayer/meditation time seems laughable. At times, when you’re elbow deep in poop, it’s hard to imagine how your work as a mother is furthering the glory of God’s kingdom.  I wish I had a remedy, or some spiritual wisdom I could offer you, but I don’t. All I can say is try your best. If the Lord recognizes anything, it is sincerity and contrition.

Try to remember this as you’re stuffing Easter baskets this week, trying to find last minute pieces of every one’s Easter wardrobe, and figuring out what dish you’re going to bring to Easter dinner at Auntie’s. If you even have a split second of silence, offer it up in prayer if you can [even if it is just for your own sanity]. As parents, we make a lot of sacrifices, but nothing near the sacrifice that will be made for us on Good Friday.

I wish you all a fruitful Holy Week and a Happy Easter!


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