Spring has — just kidding, it’s Ohio.


Yeah, I know, I cursed this land by typing a blog about spring time in Ohio. Sigh… Despite being perfectly lovely weather for the Easter holiday, it is going to get down into the 30’s again and while I’m bummed about the chilly weather, I actually have plans to stay coup’d up in the house. You see my online mommy friends talked me into potty training Sophie in 3 days. Chances are, if you’re a new mom, you’ve heard of this crazy, yet popular method. You let your kid run around commando all day, make them drink copious amounts of water, and then let the magic happen. Yes, they will have accidents – with the defense being, in any potty training method you’re going to have accidents – but clean them up, encourage the child to use their potty next time, and repeat until it works.


Normally, I’d laugh it off and call it wishful thinking, but there are hundreds of positive mom testimonies to this method! In any case, you have to spend every waking moment with the child for 3 days straight, suggesting they use the bathroom every 20 minutes. So, going out would be near impossible. The method even demands you wake them up in the middle of the night to go potty. I’m sleep deprived as it is, which makes me NOT want to wake my toddler up in the middle of the night, but hey, I’m going to be up feeding a newborn at some point anyway, so might as well let Sophie join the party. It will be all worth it in 3 days! (Or so they tell me).

If this method fails, no big deal. The most important thing is getting her more familiar with the big girl toilet. In a perfect world, we’ll only have a couple accidents per day, and in 3 days time,  I’ll have a potty trained tot, and the weather will have warmed back up again!  (Now THAT’S wishful thinking.)

DSC_3666 (2)

We are still celebrating Easter (Catholics celebrate the Easter octave – meaning 8 days) so there is candy all around the house and decorations still up. Sophie is going through a phase of being obsessed with bunnies, so she’s a happy camper. Cora, on the other hand, is not such a happy camper. After ruling out reflux, we are now on to the possibility of her having a food allergy. I’m on a strict no egg, no peanut, no fish, no dairy, and no gluten diet  (all the Easter treats are not helping currently…) until Friday. Hopefully it helps her, then we can start ruling things out one by one. Maybe it isn’t even an allergy at all, maybe she just has colic! Who knows… All I know is that my sleep and sanity are seriously suffering and will continue to until we figure this thing out.

Otherwise, we had a pretty eventful Easter! Egg hunts, time with family, time for relaxation, and TONS of pictures! I hope you all did too, and if you’re Catholic (and even if you aren’t) remember to keep celebrating that resurrection until the end of the octave!

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