How to be a Successful Young Woman


Earlier this week, I was telling Justin about an old family friend who is now a pretty successful guy who gives TED talks. I turned to Cora and jokingly said “So Cora, the most important thing that could happen to you is ‘going viral,'” then Justin and I both laughed. I tried to think of other things “successful people” have nowadays, as we continued to joke… “Try to have 10 thousand instagram followers too. Then you can sell protein powder off of your popular social media platform.” Then Justin chimed in with the suggestion of reality TV. “Oh yes!” I continued, “if you can get Kris Jenner to be your manager, then you’ll REALLY be successful! And if you become bored with all those  endeavors, people are always happy to throw a few modeling gigs your way.”


This is what I told my daughter as a joke despite people thinking that those things really do define success. But here is how I will really measure my daughters’ success:

-Whenever you receive gifts, give back.
-Workout your SOUL more than your body.
-Never hesitate to console some one who is suffering.
-Nourish the body God gave you, but don’t scorn the heavenly gift that is CHOCOLATE 😉
– Value humility over virtual popularity.
-Let your desire to love others, trump your desire to be right.

If my girls can manage these things, I truly believe they will be successful. What are your keys to “success” for your children?

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