A Mommy’s To-Do List


Last night, for the third night in a row, my big toenail caught on the sheet as I slid into bed. Oh yeah, I meant to cut that yesterday, well — really, I meant to cut it 2 nights ago. I should put that on my to-do list.... and as I talked to myself about my toenail, I began to laugh. My TO DO list?! Really, I need to write it down on a list for my toenails to get cut? What has become of my personal hygiene? So I decided to take a screen shot this morning, of my to do list. I make a list every week of the things I hope to accomplish, and it is usually some variation of this list.

Typically, there are three components to my list: stuff for the girls, chores, and personal hygiene.  Never in my life would I have thought that personal hygiene would end up on a to-do list, but until you’ve been a parent you just don’t realize how much of your time caring for children takes up. And if you think that’s gross, then stop reading here because I’m about to explain item #1 on the list…

“Soak Cora’s clothes” you know what that means? Whenever Cora has a diaper blowout, I try to soak the poopy clothes ASAP. Some times we’re out shopping when this happens, so the soiled outfit gets wrapped in a bag and thrown in my purse. (yep, that’s another thing I never thought I’d do…. carry poop in my purse.) So at some point during the week, I have to gather up all the soiled clothes, pre-treat them, and then soak them because they literally have been soiled for DAYS and I’ve either forgotten about them, or they honestly got lost in the abyss of my enormous diaper bag.

Now chores are what you’d expect to find on a to-do list. These chores are pretty run-of-the-mill, but notice how there are no deep cleaning chores such as “clean base boards” or even “dust.” It’s a miracle that week old poopy clothes get washed and not just thrown out, ok? In addition to all the other BS on my to do list, I am keeping my babies alive and happy, while also trying to keep myself alive and happy which takes roughly the same amount of effort.


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