3 Month Cora Update


Is this not one of the happiest, jolliest babies you have ever seen? My little lovie is 3 months now and she is a total social butterfly. Sophie was always a very serious baby. Even now, she is very skeptical of new faces and doesn’t like to initiate conversation. Cora on the other hand, is extremely social and smiles at the very second she makes eye contact with some one. She coos and tries to talk to anyone who will listen.


I used to be able to set Sophie on a floor mat or in a rocker for hours while I did my chores or showered. Cora is what they call a “high needs” baby, which I didn’t even know existed. These babies need attention like they need air. When they feel lonely, they scream a desperate kind of scream that absolutely has to be consoled. I felt so confused and scared that some thing was physically wrong with her. After doing some research and talking to some other moms though, it turns out Cora is just high needs. No 2 children are the same, that is the lesson I have learned in the past three months… and what worked with Sophie won’t always work for Cora.


Despite these 2 sisters being total opposites, they completely love each other. Sophie enjoys laying next to Cora when she is laying beneath her floor gym, and making her smile. Of course, Cora likes the attention. There has been little to no jealousy. We have had our fair share of struggles, but the transition for Sophie to having another sibling has been surprisingly flawless.


Now that we are 3 months in, Cora’s colic is improving, and overall she has become less fussy. Part of this is due to me figuring out what her emotional needs are: lots of face time.


I previously posted that I was having difficulty bonding with this little peanut, but now that my sleep has improved, and I’ve figured out that she is more high needs than Sophie was and just requires a little more TLC, I feel like I can stop  feeling overwhelmed and start feeling completely in love with my baby.


In terms of strength and milestones, Cora is a little skinny but extremely strong. She is constantly kicking her legs [even in her sleep] and she is always attempting to sit up. She loves tummy time and can hold her self up with her arms for long periods of time. She can almost sit up, if not for needing to be balanced. She has the strength in her core to go from a reclined position to sitting up, but is not stable enough to maintain it. This means she has to be securely buckled into every chair or seat she has otherwise she will lean forward and tumble out [which hasn’t happened yet, due to my vigilance in buckling her].


She is tall like her Daddy, has my dark hair and need for constant attention. We love her dearly, and are so happy she is apart of our little family.

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