Long have I waited for the heat and humidity! The cicadas, not so much, but I’m still elated that it is finally summer. Cicadas are normally pretty shy creatures, but Brood V periodical cicadas (17-year “locusts”) have begun to emerge in eastern Ohio. Lucky us. They lay their eggs in tree branches, and from what I understand, they prefer younger trees that will most likely still be around in 17 years. Once the egg hatches the cicada begins to feed on the tree fluids. At this point it looks like a termite or small white ant. Once the young cicada is ready, it crawls from its groove in the young tree branch and falls to the ground where it will dig until it finds roots to feed on. Once roots are found the cicada will stay underground from 2 to 17 years depending on the species. Cicadas are active underground, tunneling and feeding. Kind of gross, but kind of amazing. In any case, it has been quite entertaining for Sophie to point out the “ew, bugs!” everyday. Not so funny when they fly and get stuck in my hair though…


My goals for this summer are to go outside every day, check out the Pittsburgh Children’s museum, and make it back to the Pittsburgh Zoo, because I’ve only ever been as a newlywed before we had children. Oh, and did I mention we still have belongings stashed in our old house? Yeah, another BIG goal is to be completely moved out of their, have it cleaned and ready to sell as soon as possible.


Thanks to my parents, we also have a pretty cool garden in my backyard which they planted with Sophie when they were out here for her birthday. All the gifts they got her had a garden theme so she could tend to her fruits and veggies all summer long.



We’ve also been enjoying our new house and backyard. Sophie still has a rock obsession, as you can see from the picture above, and has been quite content to collect and catalog all the new rocks on our property.


I want to do a post on all the updates we’ve done to the house so far, complete with before and after pictures, but there are still a couple projects to be done before I want to reveal our progress. Be on the lookout for that post though because this house has gone a total transformation with minimal amount of “fixer upping.”

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