Pittsburgh Children’s Museum


On Monday we went to the Children’s Museum up in Pittsburgh. I have many vivid and fond memories of playing at the Children’s Museum in downtown San Diego as a kid, so I was excited to take Sophie for her first time. I was also eager to see how the Pittsburgh museum measured up to the one I remember from San Diego.


It was fairly busy for a Monday, but I enjoyed watching Sophie interact with other kids. There were activities for kids in a wide range of ages, so, some of the exhibits were too intimidating for her. There were plenty of age appropriate exhibits for her too, though. Of course the most popular room was the current Daniel Tiger exhibit that just opened last Saturday. Sophie gasped with excitement the second she saw Daniel’s face outside of the exhibit.

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Since our kids are still little, we weren’t there all day. We did the bottom floor, and the top floor, which is water play. It was a good decision to skip right up to water play, as this was Sophie’s second favorite activity.

It was so amazing to watch her awe and wonder at each activity. She screeched with excitement each time she actively experienced cause and effect, and was so focused when it came to the more creative exhibits. Cora was well behaved as well. She is so social and was delighted to watched the children run around and play. There was plenty of stimulation for both her and Sophie, as they both feel asleep during the hour car ride home. These are times when I am thankful we live near a big city! We will definitely be going again before summer is over, and I would highly recommend it to any family who lives in Pittsburgh, or the surrounding areas.



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