Miss Adventure


It has been awhile since I let Sophie run around outside as we have been dodging thunderstorms all week. It had also been awhile since I brought my camera out with me, but this morning we had an opportunity as Cora took a little nap, to go outside in the front yard and play around.

Sophie is in this amazing new stage where her curiosity is boundless, and she loves to talk with you about the new things she’s discovered, as well as about the familiar things she recognizes. It is actually quite impressive, the things she can identify and name. With curiosity has come a new spurt of bravery as well. She was usually too timid to climb or get into things. Now, I definitely have to keep my eye on her and follow up!


In the words of Kate Spade, “She is quick, and curious, and playful, and strong.”



J works all weekend, so I am going to have to arrange some activities here at home too keep the girls busy. If it warms up enough, I will get out the kiddie pool or sprinkler Sophie is loving lately. Cora is usually content to sit on my lap and watch her sister play.




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