Sophie and Cora Update

Cora is just shy of 5 months, and her personality is exploding! She loves watching Sophie run  around, to is easy to make laugh, and overall: she is a happy baby now. The colic is gone, and while she still gets into fussy fits right as she is about to fall asleep, I want to say the worst is behind us.

This is my favorite age… Babies are getting independent enough to have their own personality, but still dependent enough to be cute, cuddly babies! It had been awhile since I tried doing an indoor photo shoot with Cora, so we gave it a shot with this cute bucket and some summer time blooms. I wish I had had more natural light to work with, but there were thunderstorms on and off all throughout the day leaving us at mercy of my camera flash.

Now Sophie is at a stage where she has to coming running in and participate in whatever we’re doing. This also makes my little photo shoots more difficult as back drops get pulled down and props, well — destroyed. BUT I had the good sense to stick her on the potty chair, first.

Cora idolizes her sister. Even when Sophie is trying to bury her in toys, or poking her out of curiosity, she is always smiling with her eyes locked on big sissy. I love watching them interact, especially since I know there will be a day when they will fight. For now, it is sweet sisterly bliss.

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