Cora 5 Month Update



I know I kind of already gave you all an update on both Sophie and Cora a couple weeks ago, but little Cora Grace OFFICIALLY passed the 5 month mark this weekend, and I wanted a chance to share these cute pictures with you all.

This little peanut is developing so fast! She is sitting up, grabbing toys, biting every thing, and laughing uncontrollably! She cannot keep her eyes off of Sophie. I can already tell Big Sister is going to have a little shadow very soon! She loves interacting with people and consequently hates being left out of conversation. She wants to sit on your lap, facing outwards, so she can participate in social activities like every one else. She laughs when her sister plays and is overall, a pretty happy baby. She gets extremely fussy right before she passes out to sleep. Cora is also a fitful sleeper. She sleeps in the Pack N Play most of the time, but in the middle of the night we let her sneak into bed with us. We almost always regret it when we feel her tiny toes pinching us, or her heels that forcefully embed themselves into our rib cage. Which brings me to Cora’s other strength: her strength. She is so strong and is already attempting to prop herself up on her hands and knees.

I honestly can’t wait to see what she will accomplish this month. She impresses me everyday with all the new things she is learning to do!


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