Summer Fun


The past couple weeks have been jammed packed with fun, summer activities, so I wanted to share with you what we have been up to, and possibly provide you some inspiration for your weekend!

J took me up to Pittsburgh for a fancy birthday dinner, but it just so happened that the annual pickle festival “Picklesburgh” was taking place down the street. It was fun to walk around and look at all the ridiculous, pickle-themed snacks that they had. It reminded us that we need to look into local events more often. Even if they are silly, there are always photo ops to take advantage of and memories to be made!


Next, the university [where J works] was putting on a movie night on campus for faculty, staff, and their families. They had popcorn and icees for the kids while they screened The Charlie Brown Movie. It was a perfect summer evening with just the right amount of humidity and the occasional firefly flying by.

Sophie has been testing some boundaries with us lately, but she still insists on being attached to my hip most days. She loves to help in the kitchen, and usually I will give her some thing to do as I don’t want to discourage her help, but the other day I just really didn’t have a safe task I could give a toddler. So I threw her on my back and danced around as I cooked. It definitely helped me to log a few more steps on to my fitbit!


It was also my 25th birthday, and J had his entire family come over to surprise me when I thought we were just picking up the girls from my in-law’s house. We ate cake that was topped with a mountain of fresh summer fruit, and cooked out of the grill. Another perfect summer evening!

Now that we’re headed into August, I am a little depressed as I feel summer winding down, so I am trying my best to take advantage of every last, warm, sunny day there is. Have a great weekend every one!


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