Close Enough to Kiss


Miss Cora has been teething a lot lately. At times she is inconsolable, but the one thing that has seemed to help is wearing her. Luckily for the both of us, I just got a brand new ring sling!


`The fabric rests on one shoulder and is threaded through a set of rings. It gives you the feel of a wrap, without all the hassle of wrapping if you need to keep putting baby down and up again. Since Cora has been so finicky, the ring sling has been great for holding her, then setting her in the swing, then holding her again, and putting her back in her exersaucer. The poor girl doesn’t know what she wants, except to have her gums stop hurting.


My in-laws took both girls for us this weekend though, so J and I could bond and catch up on some sleep. It was a restful weekend [for once] and I am so thankful we have so many people in our lives willing to help us.


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