Blessing Bag Update


Some of you may remember me posting this awesome DIY several months ago. Since then, I have made quite a few friends in Pittsburgh, and once a week we all get together downtown to chat. Well, whenever I head home I inevitably have to sit in horrible traffic in order to get in to the Fort Pitt Tunnel. At the merge point, just before the tunnel, there is ALWAYS a needy person begging on top of the center divide.


These Blessing Bags have helped so many of those people! I simply roll down my window and hand the bags off to whoever is sitting there that day. I have gone through 5 blessing bags since I started my weekly hang outs in Pittsburgh! The people are always excited to receive an entire bag. I even ran into the same man 2 weeks in a row and he told me how much his bag had helped him out throughout previous week. It is such an easy way to pay-it-forward. If you don’t want to make bags, just keep some water bottles and trail mix in your car. That way you have a guilt-free blessing to give a person in need.

So that is my update on the blessing bag project, and I’d highly recommend it!

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