Cooking and Wrapping


Some time this week, in a moment of hopelessness cause by the numbers on the scale not moving, I decided to give up on my diet. After feeling like crap for a few days, I decided giving up on the clean eating was probably not the best choice, despite the lack of physical progress I was making. I went on a Pinterest hunt to find the healthiest, easiest, and tastiest meals to get me back on track and found this Slow Cooker Sausage Ratatouille.

A healthy meal that also goes in the crock pot? Perfect. This has been a crazy week, too [I mean, when ISN’T it a crazy week when you have 2 kids, 2 and under?] and I have been able to get little done unless one of the kids has been strapped to my body. Lucky for them, I need the practice wrapping.


As much as I love the ease of our Ergo baby carrier, I can’t bring myself to choose it over the flowing peacock fabric that is my gorgeous Oscha wrap. So, I have been trying to become a more skilled baby wrapper in order to put that pretty peacock to good use. Cora hates it, as she naturally hates every thing at first… Sophie loves it which totally took me by surprise, because when she was a baby she wanted nothing to do with being endlessly held. Part of Cora’s hatred though, could be due to the fact that she is making so much more progress crawling. My wrapping holds her back from exploring.

In any case, it has been nice to keep the girls close, and wrapped in love as they have both been sick this week. And as all good children do, they passed their illness on to J and I. It has been a physically challenging week for that reason, even though we haven’t had any major events. I hope to relax and recover this weekend. I hope you all can relax too! See you Monday!


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