Crystal Toes


We get bored here, in the Ohio Valley. Every once in a while we need to find a way to spice things up, and last week a few of the ladies I do ZUMBA with convinced me to do just that. I didn’t know that crystal pedicures were becoming a trend until women started trickling into the gym every week with extra shiny toes. Finally, once of the veteran ZUMBA dancers [whom we all secretly look up to and want to be] invited us all over to her house for some fellowship, but also for a rhinestone pedicure party.

I’ll admit, I was skeptical. I love glitter as much as the next girl, but have never really been into the big chunky rhinestone trend. Well, I have to say I became pretty pumped about my crystallized toes. These couple pictures just don’t do the justice, because they truly sparkle and shine like nothing else. Also the “ruby” stones I chose have clear blue and purple undertones that are really visible at various angles. It felt indulgent, pampering, and while it may be a bit “over the top,” it made me feel pretty.

Some times you have to wear the damn lipstick or stick on the little crystals just because it makes you feel different. Maybe it is silly, but it never hurts us to go out of our comfort zone or try some thing that isn’t typically our style just to switch things up! Day-to-day life, particularly motherhood, can be so monotonous and it was relaxing to do some thing a little crazy. Plus, I hear these bad boys last for 4 weeks, so I will have pretty toes until the weather gets colder and it will be time to cover them up anyway.

Take time to do some thing crazy and fun this weekend!


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