What Happened When I Tried To Take a Portrait of My Kids


The above picture is pretty explanatory of what occurred when I attempted to take a nice photo of my girls in their coordinating outfits from my mom. Would it have been a nice surprise to send my mom a print of the girls in their matching outfits she bought them? Of course! It taking a picture of 2 kids 2 and under an impossible task? Of course!

I mean, what was I thinking? I have a camera shy 2 year old, and a baby that just learned to crawl and has a sense of adventure. I mean, you can clearly see, I didn’t even have time to adjust the settings on my camera. The pictures are dark, out of focus, and just generally horrible. In my defense, it is hard to line up all the settings when you have escape artist children who would literally do ANYTHING else besides sit for a picture for you.


Daddy tried to help — BUT WHOA, HEY… Didn’t you know Dad is a celebrity around here? His adoring fans just couldn’t stop throwing themselves at him.

dsc_4082-1 dsc_4097

So anyway, my attempt for a cute picture  utterly failed. My one consolation is that most children of photographers ironically hate being photographed. Have a great weekend everyone, and make sure to get some cute pictures of your kids!



One comment

  1. survivingbutterfly · September 30, 2016

    Hahaha!😄 Very cute! I can’t get a still picture of my kids to save my life😒


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