Annual Pumpkin Patch Trip!


One of the benefits of living in Ohio is that there are many farms within a 30 minute drive. This gives us access to animals, fresh produce, and other products like milk and cheese. There are also many fun, seasonal activities. Apple picking, and going to pumpkin patches!


We made our annual trip to Hozack Farm with the girls and it was a blast. Sophie is much more mobile and interested this year than she was last year. Cora loves all things sensory, so she enjoyed herself despite only being able to crawl.


We came home with a pumpkin Sophie carefully painted, a huge bag of kettle corn [which I have to admit, I ate all the way home] , and a cute ghost with marquee lights.


The trip was definitely a success. There was free parking and hayrides, so it was an affordable event for us to go to. Though, Sophie was nervous to get on the tractor for the hayride because she was still traumatized by our last trip to Amish country where the hayride was bombarded by hungry cows.


It was the perfect fall day, warm and sunny with a light cool breeze. As fun as it was, I couldn’t help but feel a little sad that fall is barreling toward us so quickly. Soon we will be hosting Thanksgiving, taking a trip to California, and preparing for a harsh winter. There are a lot of changed happening within myself as well, that may have effected my mood that day. Overall though, it was nice to live in the moment and enjoy time with family.


Will you take your kids to the pumpkin patch this weekend?

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