Sophie Update! 2.5 Years


Sophie has finally begun to spend more time around other kids. Of course, it was inevitable with a sibling around, but we have been making more of an effort to have playdates and go to the park when other kids are around.  I think it has been really beneficial to her socialization skills. She’s gotten more comfortable with adults, especially those in our family (such as aunts and uncles). For the first year and several months of her life though, being around other babies and toddlers freaked her out since small children can be so erratic. She’s such a composed and calm child that when she’d be around other kids who would suddenly scream or flail around she’d get nervous. She is still pretty timid when it comes to playing with kids her age without me by her side, but we are making progress.


Sophie is most happy when she has an adults’ undivided attention. This usually involves her sweeping some one away into her TeePee. Luckily for me, we have 2 student helpers from the university who come to help for 6 hours every week. So I get to complete my chores around the house while Sophie still gets the attention she needs.


She is extremely well spoken for a kid her age. She can form complete sentences, often learns the meanings of words on her own and then can recall them in the proper context later. It is really impressive. She likes to sing songs and seems to remember words and phrases more quickly if they are heard in a song.


Her favorite movie right now is The Little Mermaid, and her obsession with all thing ocean still stands. I can’t wait to see where she’s at in another couple months, as she is growing so quickly!



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