This month is busy, busy, busy. Of course (like most of America) I am having a little pre-election stress. I am trying to focus on my blessings and look forward to Thanksgiving which we are hosting this year, instead.

Not only are we hosting Thanksgiving, but we are heading out to California shortly after. We were able to get cheaper flights planning a trip BETWEEN  Thanksgiving and Christmas, which was convenient since we now have to buy a seat for Sophie.

While we’re in the Golden State, Advent will kick off, leaving me with a bunch of liturgical prep when we return home. Of course I will have many tradition Christmas things out, as I’m not so devout as to completely ignore Christmas decorations until Jesus’ actual birthday, but I like recognizing the season of Advent, as it is another transitional time (like fall) that allows me to reinvent myself. You know, it’s like a Catholic’s “New Year’s resolution” only you have to confess every thing from the past year first. Now you see why it isn’t as popular…

In any case, I am trying to be proactive knowing that we will be going out of town, and attempting to pick a picture for our Christmas cards. It’s difficult when Sophie is glaring in almost all the shorts, while our little daydreamer is never looking at the camera. Oh well, I’m bound to find a good shot at some point. The one above is an out take though, so don’t expect to see this one on your card!

Hopefully that will keep you on the edge of your seats. Stay tuned for more Thanksgiving prep! Also, I have to apologize for the slacking with my posts. We are currently in the middle of a bathroom renovation as well. So life is a bit hectic at the moment! If you want to keep up with the progress on our bathroom, be sure to follow me on instagram @buckeyesandbabies.


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