You probably remember in years past, I have tried to make a point of decorating specifically for Advent. While it is a fun tradition to put up the tree the day after Thanksgiving, I like to slowly add the rest of our decorations over the course of the month. Advent is a time of preparation. Like pregnancy, we are awaiting the birth of a child. Much like mothers take classes and have check-up appointments before their baby’s birth, in the same way, I am trying to do a few spiritual check-ups in myself before celebrating the birth of Jesus. Maybe it sounds corny, but the church has set aside this time for a reason. Each year it becomes increasingly harder to take time away from Christmas festivities to do some thing as tedious and humiliating as examining one’s conscience, but that is all the more reason to do it.

No one likes taking a closer look at their flaws, that is why there is so much distraction, but I feel that I must. How can I become a better friend, wife, and mother if I don’t take a look at the ways that I fail in those roles? I know, its counter intuitive. “Preparing” to the rest of the world involves baking cookies, putting up lights, shopping, and other fun activities. I’m not suggesting we abstain from those things from now until December 25th, but take an equal amount of time to asses the needs of your spirit and that of your family.

Times of preparation and transition are supposed to have their difficulties. Instead of burying the struggles in glitter and lights, take time this week to sit with them. Be reflective. If my posts are scarce this week, it will be because I am taking time to do just that.

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