Christmas Tour!


Since we are taking some time to visit my family in California, we felt like we had to put up some decorations early, so as not to feel rushed later in the month. The girls have been having a blast “helping” us, and it has been so fun celebrating Cora’s first Christmas as a curious 9 month infant.


I like having creative control of our main tree, so I had this felt tree made for Sophie to decorate as she pleases. She can re-decorate it every day, and I don’t have to worry about her pulling down a tree or breaking lights. Window clings are another thing I let her go wild with though, Cora has been motivated to eat them like fruit roll-ups.


Our new house has so much more space than the old, and so many surfaces to decorate. I have really enjoyed the challenge of decorating a new, bigger home. Even the dining room can have its own set of decorations.


The holidays are much more magical now that we have children. Even J gets giddy picking out toys for them! Since our mantle now holds all of the TV related electronics, I had to find a different place to put the stockings. The DVD case has been acting as a decorated “mantle” all summer, so I decided to add the stocking here as well.


Since the first time I saw the Willow Tree nativity set, I was obsessed with it. J doesn’t like that they are faceless, but bought it for my last year regardless. We have a few other nativity scenes that are more his style, but this one is special to me.


Since I hosted this Thanksgiving and we don’t have cable, I wanted to have activities for every one to participate in. We had the typical game of apples-to-apples, but I also bought a set of 6 ginger bread houses to decorate. It was a lot of fun, and now I have pretty kitchen decoration made by family and friends.

Our main tree is always my pride and joy. I have many natural colors with pops of blue. We have a devotion to St. Francis, so our tree is adorned with woodland critters as well as religious imagery.


We have a few “fun” decorations for the kids as well. I love these Jim Shore carvings, and J has slowly been collecting some for each holiday. Now that Sophie is old enough to recognize certain characters, it has been fun to watch her light up when she spots her favorites around the house.

What’s your favorite decoration?


One comment

  1. To Arizona......and beyond · December 2, 2016

    You have a beautiful mix of fun and traditional decorations! I love the felt tree for your daughter to decorate, a really nice way for her to be involved, thanks for the idea!


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