Cora: 10 months


Cora is 10 months tomorrow! I can’t stress enough how much fun this little girl is! Time is flying, and I know that is such a cliche thing to highlight, but having 2 kids to look after really keeps you busy and give their perception of time flying. When I only had Sophie to focus on, I could soak up every single second of every day with only her and her advancements. With Cora, a lot of it is a blur. Let me tell you why that’s not a bad thing…

The good days are amazing and leave a lasting impression on me. The bad days? They honestly melt away. I don’t have time to dwell on the sleepless nights because I have an infant and a toddler at my ankles demanding breakfast and Daniel Tiger. I’ve been open about my struggle with Postpartum Depression and I believe being “busy” with two kids has helped me stay out of the negative void that anxiety and depression can suck you into.

Not to mention, Cora is so expressive when she’s happy. Her entire face lights up with joy whenever she smiles and she is easy to laugh, interact, and play. Sophie was naturally a more introverted child and didn’t desire the social interaction Cora demands. Its been fun to initiate play time with Cora and have her immediately respond.

She still only has 2 bottom teeth, but we went to the Doctor recently and he said she has FOUR about to come in on top. This has created some major meltdowns. As expressive as Cora is when she’s happy, there is an equal amount of communication when she’s upset. I feel that she’s days away from walking as she can pull herself up on any piece of furniture and walks around with assistance. She can climb stools and stairs [which is completely terrifying], and her curiosity constantly has her pulling various items off of tables and chairs.

I’m already starting to think about plans for her birthday and I just can’t believe we’ve come this far already!


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