Holiday Recap


I hope you all enjoyed time celebrating and being close with family. I know we did. Sophie was much more aware of the surprise and excitement of Christmas this year. It is so fun to watch her awareness develop, and her awe in the simplest of things. Unfortunately, we had a family member pass and a few others end up in the hospital. Even i took a trip to the emergency room after I fell while holding Cora. In an attempt to break her fall by taking a step as I was falling, I landed completely on the top of my foot.


I meant to prepare a post for you all on Monday, but most of my time was spent in and out of doctors’ offices. Even amidst the suffering, we were still able to take advantage of the joyful moments in between. My mother-in-law and I took Sophie to her first nutcracker ballet, we got to see some cousins we don’t see often, and we enjoyed handing out our homemade gifts to friends and family.


J’s birthday is at the end of this month, plus we have a few friends expecting babies. The new year has really inspired me to take better care of my family, my mental and physical health. Even though my foot is broken and I can’t stick to my regular zumba routine, I am eating better and trying to do some upper body movements to keep me lean until I am cleared to go back to the gym.

Be on the lookout for a resolutions post some time this week! Cheers!

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