Toddler Transitions


Cora is a few weeks shy of being 1 and Sophie is headed into the “three-nager” stage. I’m having a hard time balancing Sophie’s increasing emotional needs with chasing after Cora, as she becomes increasingly mobile with age.

Sophie can be so affectionate and sweet, telling me how beautiful I am and giving her sister little kisses. She can also cry and throw herself on the floor when her granola bar breaks in half or if I try to sing to her. I’m sure her little toddler body is going under so many changes, with hormonal fluctuations that make her emotional. When I think about those changes, it helps to justify her behavior, but at the same time, it is still like walking through a minefield.


My biggest struggle with Sophie right now is learning when to be compassionate and when to be firm. Its not a big deal to me that her granola bar fell apart, but it is to her. I want to validate her feelings and show her that  there is a solution. I feel this will help her deal with whatever problems come up to her, later in life, and help her to deal with them appropriately. There are of course, other times when she is being completely unreasonable, like throwing a tantrum simply because I took my camera out to photograph her sister. More commonly, not getting to eat candy and chips whenever she wants… these are situations when I know I have to be firm and redirect her no matter how stubborn she is. I am entrusted with the well being of this child, and so I will do my best to nurture in correct through the happy days and the pouty ones.


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