This winter hasn’t been as cold or as treacherous as predicted (yet,) but we still haven’t left the house much in the past week. There have been regularly scheduled doctors appointments and grocery runs, but my babies are California girls at heart, and don’t like to be out in the cold long.


Most days have been spent either baking, or watching movies (some times both,) and I have been surprisingly thankful. Usually this season really gets me down. I feel hopelessly homesick, trapped, and isolated. This year I am busy trying to keep an almost 1 year old away from the stairs, while wrestling a 2 year old to try and use the potty. I just haven’t had enough time to really dwell on the weather.


Another factor, I think, is that I have more friends than I’ve ever had. Not that I am “Mrs. Popular” or anything, but since I have become more active and social with my local community of moms I find myself being invited to more play dates, mom nights, and runs to the gym. That is perhaps the single most important part of my mood being boosted, as it’s the one thing I have been missing for the past 5 years: a community of other moms who genuinely care about me.


The next few months are pretty exciting for us! We have a couple birthdays including Cora’s famous 1st birthday…. and we are planning some weekends away with family to make sure we stay out of our winter-time-funk.

What have you been up to, lovely readers? What cheers you up when it’s cold and bleak?

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