Cora 11 Months


I can’t believe this is my last Cora update before she turns 1! She is so different from Sophie, and I am a different mom than I was with Sophie too. Cora has forced me to stretch and grow in ways i didn’t know I needed.

She has 4 teeth, can crawl and climb, but she isn’t walking yet. She makes up for her lack of walking mobility by climbing the stairs, side tables, and any thing else she can grab on to and hoist herself up. She can say “mama” and “dada” but her vocabulary doesn’t go beyond that, though, she is learning how to shake her head yes and no. She gives kisses, which is by far my favorite development.

Her an Sophie have a classic sister relationship. They play together, share clothes and accessories, but they also fight and get revenge on each other too. They both love Daniel Tiger, so that is the theme that I am preparing to do Cora’s 1st birthday in. It has been such a crazy year, and now that we all feel more attuned to being a family of 4, I think this next year will be filled with more smiles and fond memories than the last.


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