Being Sick Sucks

This year, we have been hit harder with illness more than any other year. It kind of baffles me as I am home bound most of the time, compared to my college days when I had to mingle with hundreds of my peers every day. We’ve had regular colds, stomach viruses and now the flu.

I’ve been open about my struggles with mental illness on this blog, and I have to say, being sick is a huge trigger for me. Even when we’re sick, parents still have a responsibility to take take of their kids. This week has been reminiscent of when I brought Cora home from the hospital. Even though my body has been specifically designed to bare and give birth to children, it’s still incredibly painful and takes weeks of healing. Yet, we’re still expected to give around the clock care to a brand new human. It is both beautiful and infuriating.

Who wipes my nose? Brings me medicine? Makes sure I’m hydrated and getting enough rest? Well, no one. In fact, I don’t even check in with MYSELF often enough to ask those questions because I am so busy caring for 2 sick children. It’s not only frustrating to not be able to think of yourself and your own needs, its frustrating because your inability to care for yourself only worsens your condition, and ultimately makes it harder for you to do your duty as a parent.

I’m also short on help. Who wants to babysit 2 sick kids and risk getting sick them self? And even if I have a babysitter, I also cannot go out and do some thing for myself because I am also sick. Less energy and less help make for an incredibly difficult and trying time. Luckily, I have amazing in-laws who care about my mental and physical health enough to swoop in and care for the kids. For that, I am eternally grateful.

Really, I have nothing else to write about as this season of sickness has been on my mind, pretty much all week. The only thing I can do is beg you to pray for our healing, and fantasize about when we will be healthy again.

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