Daniel Tiger Birthday


I have to say, I think I out-did myself. Not only was our downstairs perfectly decorated for this party theme, but it cost us next to nothing. PBS kids website had lots of great, thrifty ideas in addition to having free printables with Daniel and his friends on them. We made a trolley out of a diaper box, tissue paper, and a template from PBS, and we also made tissue poms and felt crowns with supplies from the dollar store. We strategically placed printables to go with these items, and they really complemented each other.

Food was another great way to tie in the theme. I had purchased orange candy melts for Cora’s cake already, so I decided to also use some for making “tiger tails” an idea I saw on pinterest. Speaking of pinterest, I had seen around Halloween that people were drawing on clementines to make them look like jack-o-lanterns. Well, I thought you could use the same concept to make them look like tigers. It was a big hit with the kids. Then there was the cake itself, which is what I am most proud of.

It was a little crazy with 10+ kids in the house, but it was also crazy fun! It was my pleasure to host some of the awesome kids who have played so nicely with Sophie and Cora over the past year, and also to create an environment where the parents could relax a little too. We have made so many more “parent friends” in the past year and it has been invaluable. We need people who understand, and who can help us in our current life situation. Every one who came to Cora’s party had helped us in our time of crisis this year, and it was really rewarding to get to celebrate with them all. Cue Daniel’s “A Neighbor Is Here To Help,” song…


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