Carrying 2 Kids


Sophie was my independent, introverted child, who was content to go in her tee-pee and play by herself while I did my chores. This drastically influenced my expectations for how children behaved, and I was completely jarred when Cora began crying and holding on to my legs as I did dishes. This is when people began baby-wearing to me. I know I have written on it several times, but I just received this gorgeous Oscha in the mail today and so I wanted to reflect on how baby-wearing has helped me bond with both Cora and Sophie this year.

Cora’s dependence on my close proximity emphasized to Sophie just how independent she really is. However, this led Sophie into a slight regression. All the sudden she wanted to be held too. Just as I was selling off my carriers, I found myself in need of them again. So, I bought this beautiful ring sling in colors that reminded me of sunsets where I grew up in California. I still needed some thing to carry Sophie in though. I had spent a pretty penny on my slings and couldn’t afford another carrier, until a dear friends gave me a carrier for toddlers. Sophie has been happy to ride on my back while I make dinner or do chores when Cora is sleeping. I’m hoping this will re-instill her trust and confidence that I will always be there for her, even when life gets busy, or if I have multiple children to juggle.


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