My name is Samantha and in 2009 I decided to move cross country and go to a small Catholic university in Ohio. I thought I would only be there for the 4 years it would take me to study, however, I didn’t anticipate meeting the love of my life. In 2012 I married my husband, J, and we continue to live in the Ohio valley with our daughter.

I often get homesick, so I began this blog primarily as a distraction, but it has evolved into a photography project, writing exercise, and inspiration for me to learn new things [such as cooking, baking, and other DIYs]

The blog’s namesake: Many of you may not know but a “buckeye” is a cookie popular in this area due to its resemblance to a nut on the state tree [a buckeye]. It’s a peanut butter ball, dipped in chocolate, made for special occasions. Since most of my posts revolve around making sweets and spoiling my baby girl, I decided to name this blog “Buckeyes and Babies” [plus, I’m a sucker for some alliteration.]

If you’re interested in following my journey in the Buckeye State, feel free to subscribe!

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