Why I Wear My Babies


As I was walking around the craft store the other day, a worker stopped to ask me what the benefit or wearing my baby was. I simply replied by saying, “She likes it!” We continued to chat about how beautiful my wrap was, then went our separate ways. When I got back to the car, I felt bad that I didn’t really communicate the art of baby wearing very well. After all, there is a whole culture that is associated with baby wearing, as the tradition has many tribal roots.


Convenience was the main reason I began wearing. Did you know that when you go through TSA security at the airport, they let you keep your baby in the wrap and just give you a pat down? If you’ve ever traveled with young kids [and all the gear that goes with them,] then you can appreciate how much of a help this is. I think that is actually what compelled me to buy my first wrap. Since then, I used them for easy up’s all the time. Cora was a particularly fussy baby. Instead of killing my arms and shoulders by trying to rock, carry, and console her all day, I simply wrapped her around my body and let my natural movements calm her. This allowed me to help Sophie with whatever she needed throughout the day. Also, this negates the need for a stroller, which in certain circumstances, can be a life saver.


Bonding is another great benefit of wearing a baby. Sophie hated being worn, and bonded better if I was snuggling with her, but still allowing her the option not to be snuggled. Cora enjoys the security of knowing she isn’t going to be away from mama for awhile if I have taken the time to put her in the wrap. If you remember from me previous posts, I had a hard time bonding with Cora at first. The constant closeness of baby wearing has helped strengthen our bond and has also instilled confidence in me that I have a definite way of soothing my baby.


Comfort is another great reason to invest in a wrap. Because the fabric is so wide, the weight of your baby can be evenly distributed across your shoulders, chest, or against your back. You have a lot of freedom when it comes to comfort. I didn’t find the buckles of a traditional carrier to be comfortable and I had a lot of pain in my shoulder and lower back based on the way the weight was being distributed. Ergonomic carriers have resolved a lot of those problems but I usually grab a wrap instead because of….

STYLE… There are simply no other baby carriers as beautiful as these woven wraps!

Those are my reasons for wearing a baby. I don’t think it spoils them, nor do I think it is extra work. It helps to calm my babies while giving me the freedom to do what I need to do!


Cora, 4 Month Update


Didn’t I just do one of these? I can’t believe how fast she is growing! Cora is sleeping better, fussing less, and smiling more. She still wakes up throughout the night, but the period of time which she spends sleeping has increased to 4 hour chunks, which makes getting up a little easier. Still no teeth in sight, but don’t let her get your knuckle in her mouth or she will bite, HARD. Cora is as active as ever, rolling around on both sides, kicking her legs like crazy, attempting to sit up when she is put in a reclined position, and standing in her exersaucer. Despite all the energy she burns, she has still been able to pack on the pounds. She loves being lifted up into the air while I say “super baby!” That usually gets me a smile and some giggles. We still giver he a pacifier, and she shows no sign of giving it up any time soon, which is fine by me since it does its job of pacifying her on a daily basis.



We like to hold her up like she is standing, and then pretend to have Cora chase Sophie. Both of the girls get a kick out of it, and so do we! Cora is extremely alert, loves conversation, eye contact, and physical touch. The epitome of an extrovert!


My new ring sling has become our best friend. Since she likes that constant contact and attention, being worn in a baby carrier is the perfect solution for us. Sophie didn’t like being confined by any type of carrier or wrap, but Cora couldn’t be happier.



We are bonding a lot better, especially now that we are both getting more sleep, and allowing our best selves to shine through, even in the tough moments. The more we learn about Cora’s personality, the more we fall in love with her.