DIY Cold Brew Coffee


I won’t lie, I love Starbucks… and┬áI was watching a new commercial for their cold brew coffee, where they boasted that they steep their coffee in cold water for 20 hours. Then it dawned on me: cold brew coffee only involves steeping the beans in cold water for 20 hours.

In fact, it doesn’t even have to be 20 hours. Most recipes say 11. So, to beat the heat I decided to try making my own cold brew coffee. The only thing I needed was the correct coffee-to-water ratio which I got courtesy of Martha Stewart. Add some almond milk and viola! Cold brew coffee, without the price of a coffee shop.


What you need:
-1/2 pound of ground coffee
-6 cups of cold water
-a strainer
-paper towels or coffee filters
-2 Tupperware containers
-a container to put your delicious coffee into


Fill 1 of the Tupperware containers with 6 cups of cold water. Dump in your coffee grounds and gently stir, so that all the grounds become submerged and steeped into the water. Put it in the fridge for 11+ hours. After time has passed, grab your second Tupperware container and place [or stack] your strainer on top of it. Line the strainer with your paper towels or a coffee strainer, and then slowly pour the other container, containing the coffee, through the strainer. You may not be able to dump the entire contents of your steeped coffee into the strainer all at once, depending on the size of your container and how quickly the coffee drains from the grounds. I started with half, then threw out the grounds and started with a new paper towel [or filter] in the strainer for the second half. After straining, funnel your coffee into an airtight container and store in the fridge! Serve over ice with vanilla almond milk for a tasty summer drink!


Sister, Sister

I can’t tell you how much time and energy I invested worrying about how Sophie would transition to having a newborn around. Would she act out angrily? Would she be devastated? Well, so far she just seems indifferent

She was a little confused when she walked into my recovery room, early on the morning I had given birth to Cora. Everyone was eagerly watching her reaction to the bundle in my mother’s arms. Sophie walked up, and ever so sweetly leaned in and pursed her lips. My mom lifted Cora up so Sophie could plant a nice little kiss on her forehead. After that, it was business as usual. She wanted to play on some one’s cell phone and eat a snack. That trend has continued ever since the first day and I have to say, I’m quite relieved.


Every once in awhile she gets curious, or concerned when the baby is crying, but otherwise she doesn’t detect any reason to act out or think that anything is different. She’ll approach this little rock ‘n’ play cradle that we keep by the window and say “oh, bebe!” or some times she’ll gently rock it, wanting to “help,” and those are the moments that melt my heart. Hopefully, her love and interest will only grow and we will continue to have a smooth transition. I truly believe that having the girls close in age will help, as Sophie will never quite feel “dethroned,” in fact, I think very shortly she’ll hardly remember a time without her baby sister.

Comfort and Joy


I’ve been lucky enough to have my brother here helping me nest for the past 2 weeks, but he leaves on Monday. Besides spending time with his [sassy] goddaughter, he’s been helping me clean, organize, and been cooking us meals from scratch. If you’ve followed my blog for more than a year, then you know winters are especially tough on this former Southern California girl, but having my brother here has really helped me from feeling overwhelmed and isolated.

12400649_10153369359241239_1135345557261415082_n (1)

Another thing that has helped, is baking! [My blog is named after a cookie for goodness sake…] While I’ve been trying to take care of my [and baby’s] health, winter time always calls for comfort foods. See, my brother never left the golden state after he turned 18, like I did, instead he stayed there for college and wasn’t expecting the winter wonderland that appeared here over night when he planned this visit. He too, has been needing comfort food during his stay, and so after my kale smoothie in the morning, the day usually progresses with either some fresh baked cookies, or a pan of baked mac’n’cheese. I’m not going to go as far to say that is a “balanced” nutritional diet, but it’s all about survival here in the winter. J got me a fitbit for Christmas, and that in and of itself has helped me to be more aware of my habits and how to improve on being a little more active.


Though I’ll be sad to see my brother go, as I’m sure Sophie will be sad to see her playmate disappear, I rest assured knowing my mom will be here in less than a month for the birth of this new baby! In the meantime, I have J’s birthday to look forward to, as much as some well-deserved alone time I’m planning for us.


Despite having a pretty mild winter here overall, it is still hard for me to cope when the snow starts falling. How do you all survive the winter months?

Tis the Season!

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 3.20.44 PM

Our house is looking a little different this holiday season as we go forth with a toddler running around the house. I’ve still put all our glass ornaments on the tree, though I definitely secured them with more effort than I ever have in past years, but I am determined to still have out all our special decorations in tandem with our special children running around. However, you’ll notice a few additional decorations, of the cheesy primary colored variety, that are specifically for Sugar Plum [like the advent wreath above, for example. Candle sticks aren’t exactly 18 month old friendly].

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 3.20.52 PM

Despite wanting to have a bigger focus on Advent this year, that hasn’t stopped me from ┬áindulging in some Christmas spirit. I mean, the point of Advent isn’t meant to turn us into total Scrooges. And in a more Catholic spirit, we have 3 important feast days coming up: The Immaculate Conception, St. Nicholas, and St. Lucy. We have some new traditions we’ll be trying out for each of these days , and I couldn’t be more excited!

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 3.20.38 PM

My favorite part about the wee was having a “snowball” fight with Sophie, using a bucket of these plush little snowballs my mom got for J and I on our 1st Christmas. Uncontrollable giggling.

Watching her set up her little nativity was pretty adorable too.

Have a great weekend every one!

Screen shot 2015-12-01 at 3.20.30 PM