Weekly Reflection

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The past week flew by, but over the weekend I had some time to chill out and pack for our upcoming trip to California. Like every week, last week had its shares of “ups” and “downs.” I’m glad I get to start out this one packing for a trip to see my family and celebrate a highly anticipated wedding! The actual celebration takes place on October 31st, so we won’t be doing any traditional trick-or-treating, however, that hasn’t stopped me from putting up a few festive fall decoration around the house that are currently in tandem with many pink decorations from our gender reveal party.

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While a trip to California is a BIG thing to look forward to, I’ve also been trying to find joy in the little things as well. One of those things being baked goods, [I mean, just look at how festive that frankenstein green pistachio muffin is!] but also just spending some quality time alone with Sugar Plum. I know our days of “mommy and me” time are winding down as we approach my due date.

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And even though we won’t be trick-or-treating, that didn’t stop us from buying bella a little costume to dress up in. Not to mention it will be the perfect outfit to wear to Disneyland this week.

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Have a safe Halloween, everyone! I’ll be taking a little break from blogging while I spend time with family, but you can keep up with me on Instagram: @lilmissmotto

Gender Reveal: Beau or Bow?


I was so excited for this party and everything went perfectly! As you know from my Chic Gender Reveal post, I really wanted to avoid pastel pinks and blue’s for this party. We mostly invited adults, and I wanted it to feel more like a regular party than a baby shower. Of course, I kept the theme playful with fun prints like stripes and polkadots, and there are token pink and blue decorations.

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The hardest [but most fun] part of the party was leading every one to believe that we also didn’t know the gender. We had intended to find out at the actual party with every one else, but upon talking to a few people we had a change of heart and decided to peek at the gender a few days before the party. My husband was grateful, as he is a more shy and private person, and wasn’t initially excited about having his first reaction to the gender on display at the party. While I thought it’d be fun to be just as surprised as every one else, a friend of mine who had just had her reveal party said that even though she thought she didn’t care about the baby’s gender, deep down she was expecting it to be a girl and when the cut the cake to see it was blue inside, she burst into tears in front of all her guests. I really didn’t want my hormonal water works to be forever recorded on video either, so that sealed the deal for us wanting to find out in private before the party.

DSC_2942 DSC_2940

We had our guests vote and then represent their vote with either a bow/mustache straw or a sticker. We drew winners from the winning pot and it was really a blast!


I had to work extra hard on this cake to make sure there was no pink peeking through, but I also had to try and convince everyone that the cake came from a bakery if I wanted them to think that J and I were clueless about the gender still. When people asked where the cake from, I sneakily said, “It’s a secret!” and joked that I didn’t anyone calling up the bakery to try and find out the gender! Right before we cut the cake I said, “Ok, do you REALLY want to know where this cake came from? I MADE IT!” Most were surprised that we had kept a poker face all afternoon about not knowing the gender, while a few people shouted “I KNEW IT!”

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Overall the party was so much fun. We thought it might be awkward mingling our friends with family, but everyone bonded over either how chilly the weather was, the gender of the baby, how good the food was, or Ohio State football. I really can’t imagine the party having been any better, and I am so thankful we got to share the experience with some of our favorite people!


We can’t wait to welcome a new little girl into our home! Now it’s time for me to dig out all of Sugar Plum’s old clothes from the basement!

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Gender Reveal Party


Things have changed in the past decade when it comes to having a baby. People have more than one shower, some hire birth photographers to do stylized photo shoots during the birth, and many have gender reveal parties. You see, in the olden days, people used to send snail mail pregnancy and birth announcements; but with the evolution of social media, the excitement of receiving an announcement in the mail really isn’t that exciting anymore. So what’s a fun way to celebrate the gender of you baby with friends? A gender reveal party! Now some people have the ultrasound results sent to their favorite bakery, have the inside of the cake be either blue or pink based on the gender results, and then cut the cake open in front of their guests. Others give the results to a party supply store where a box is put together with the appropriate color balloons. In fact, every day some one comes up with a new creative way to do a gender reveal.

Some people think gender parties are selfish and unnecessary, but the fact is, I’m a happier person when I have some thing to look forward to. I usually don’t like “planning” but if we’re talking talking about planning a PARTY, well that’s what I’m good at! Maybe it is selfish to want to celebrate having another baby, but I’d like to think offering my home to family and friends, feeding them, and letting them participate in this part of my pregnancy is arguably a pretty generous thing to do. Maybe that’s my inner millennial speaking…. In any case, gender reveals are traditionally pink and blue in decor, much like a baby shower. Since I want there to be a distinction that this is NOT a shower, I’m trying to go with a more chic color scheme. I want male guests to feel just as comfortable there as my female friends, I want there to be a couple games to avoid boredom until the results are announced, and most of all, I just want to have fun and celebrate the life of this baby.


Since we won’t find out until mid-October, the planning has only just begun, but above is my current inspiration board. As much as we want to celebrate, I’m a tried pregnant mama, and want to keep the party pretty small. Don’t get me wrong, I love parties, but I also like for them to end within a couple ¬†hours, and to take a nap afterward too.

Have you ever been to a gender reveal party? What was your favorite detail?

Links I Like


So I haven’t been very creative in the ways of cooking, baking, or mothering this week. I was going to share a really good banana bread recipe I found, but then I realized we were out of eggs, so I couldn’t make the bread, which means I couldn’t take scrumptious, delicious pictures of the bread for a post about the bread! Anyway, I decided to give you a glimpse into what I’ve been doing on the web this week since I came up short.

  1. I’m trying to get back on track diet-wise and not give into pregnancy cravings as much, which has lead me to troll Pinterest for recipes.
  2. You may have heard the Pope is coming to the USA so there have been many articles circulating about him. So far, this is my favorite.
  3. A friend of mine introduced me to a new maternity wear website. The clothes are so chic and affordable!
  4. If you’ve followed my blog for any length of time, then you probably already know I have a few banana bread recipes already in my arsenal. Even still, I was eager to try this one.
  5. I’m not ready to move Sophie into a toddler bed, despite our new arrival coming soon. I’ll want her to stay in the crib until she’s at an age where I can rationally explain sleeping in a big girl bed to her. So where will baby #2 sleep? I am currently in love with this bassinet!¬†

Otherwise, I haven’t been up to too much. I’ve been exhausted, anticipating our trip to New York in a couple weeks, house hunting, planning a gender reveal, and trying to mom. What have you been up to?