House Updates

I can’t believe how far we’ve come with this house! Many updates are still underway, but I am in love with every thing we have done thus far, and I just had to give you guys an update on the progress.



The kitchen is pretty much done, with the exception of adding some shelving above my coffee station. We painted the cabinets, removed wallpaper, and painted the walls. That is what I call an easy update! [Well, removing wallpaper isn’t easy, but I mean, we didn’t have to knock down any walls.] The previous owners really took care of what they had, plus they installed some top of the line appliances to begin with, so we had a lot to work with. The cabinets were beautiful, solid wood, but I just HAD to paint them white. They were too rustic for me in their raw form. Plus, the white paint really off-set the dark granite and opened up the space. We still have to paint the island, but it also needs new wheels, so we are trying to figure out the best way to go about replacing them.



Living Room



This is another room that is 90% finished. All that is left to be done is mount the TV over the fireplace [ don’t try to talk me out of it], and add a mantle. I wouldn’t mind a new coffee table, but let’s not get too greedy… We painted the space, had the carpets cleaned, and sort of sectioned off the room into 3 separate spaces: reading nook, entertainment area, and kids’ area. Last weekend I had a fun time whitewashing our fireplace, and while I wasn’t sure I liked it upon completion, it has since grown on me.


Dining Room


The first thing that had to go was that enormous chandelier. It is beautiful, probably antique, and expensive, which are 3 reasons for a mom of toddlers not to have it in her house. Also, it’s just not really my taste. The dining area is complete, all but the dining table. We are having a table custom built for us, but in the mean time we have this old set with some mismatched chairs. I absolutely love the decor in this room. The cross wall was inspired by my mother, who designed one for her house, and the photography is actually my father’s. When I was 10, he and I took a photography excursion to Northern California. We both fell in love with Yosemite, and took lots of snowy pictures of the scenic winter landscapes. The waterfall picture is from that trip, and I have another that he took on his own. I believe my mother had them custom framed at some point, so it was such a treasure to receive them for my new home.


Powder Room

Keeping true to the “buckeye” theme, every house in the Ohio Valley has to have at least one room that is a deliberate nod to OSU. Many people pick the bathroom since scarlet and grey aren’t really the trending colors in interior design right now. Apparently they weren’t in 1954 when this house was built either, because no other room dons the iconic scarlet and grey except this bathroom. I actually like it, as its predominantly grey. I’m also a big fan of the sink mounted on a vintage sewing machine. Justin hates every thing about it s we’ll see what ends up happening, but for now it is in good shape and a fun conversation piece.



That’s it for now, as far as updates go. I’m hoping to update the guest bathroom next, as well as paint the girls’ room. Of course, everything downstairs should be finished before I even touch anything upstairs. I’m committed to finishing the downstairs first because it is the part of the house people see first and where we spend the most amount of our time in.

So far, I love every thing and Sophie has been great about not touching any tools that were forgotten to be put away, or anything else that gets left out after a project. We are so blessed, and thankful to be in this new house every day, and I look forward to sharing more updates with you!

PS Sorry some of these pictures were so dark. Full disclosure: I took them at 5 am, when Cora was having a sleeping strike and the sun hadn’t come up yet.





Contemporary and Modern

These are the looks I am LOVING right now! Even though I haven’t lived here in the Buckeye State with my husband for very long, 1 day of watching HGTV is enough to inspire anyone to want to re-style their entire home. As our family grows, we will eventually have to upgrade to a bigger house [Please God, make it one with 2 bathrooms…]

You may not know this, but Hubs and I both like to collect art. I actually like more of the photography/art print type, and he is a huge comic art collector. The only way I envision both of our style being able to be displayed, is with the modern contemporary look. Gallery walls and bold pops of colors.

So how does one do this on a tight budget? We are a young family you know… I’ll start by sharing some of my favorite pieces of inspiration:

Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 1.10.41 PM Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 1.13.48 PM Screen shot 2015-04-30 at 1.14.18 PM

Look 1: The gallery wall. This can be done for surprisingly cheap! Some of the art we’ve invested in, is worth protecting with custom framing, but some of the cheaper prints, I have put in dollar store frames and mounted to our walls using command strips. This is a look you can totally accomplish even if you’re renting or living on a military base, because the command strips will not damage the walls. You can even paint the dollar store frames if black doesn’t suit you. I however, like the boldness and contrast of the black and white.

Look 2: Chalkboard paint. You may not be able to paint, depending on your housing situation, but this is such an easy and creative way to modernize and update a room in your home. It doubles as an accent wall AND a functional space. Use it to write notes on for the week, or let your kids go at it! The wonderful thing about an accent wall, is that you don’t need a lot of paint, either.

Look 3: This is my go-to, cheap way of changing up the look of my house. Accent pillows and furniture! A few bold prints and one statement piece of furniture [umm, that pink ottoman? swoon!] and your room will be transformed!

Contemporary and modern looks aren’t everyone’s taste, but if you’re willing to make a statement, there are definitely  budget friendly ways to do it!