Continuing Celebrations


After the holidays, most people talk about there being a slump. Well, in our family we have J’s birthday come at the end of January, then we will have Cora’s 1st birthday in February, a bit of a lull in March, Easter in April, and then we are going to go to California again in May (which is also Sophie’s birthday month!) Many exciting things will be happening for us this year, and I’m hoping to makeĀ 2017 a good one.

I wanted to brag about how we will be celebrating well into summer, but also I wanted to share my resolutions with you. Here they are:

  1. Be more aware of spending. I know this is a resolution for many people EVERY year, but this is the first time this resolution has made it to my list. With 2 kids and a mortgage, I need to make a better effort of limiting my spending.
  2. Move more. Notice how I DIDN’T say “go to the gym ___ times a week.” Nope. My resolution is just to move more. Whether that means playing at the park with my kids, taking them to the mall to walk around, or hopping on my stationary bike in the basement, I need to get my body moving!
  3. Eat healthier. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I say it every year. Seriously though? I’m addicted to sugar. Like, once I have it, I keep craving it and thinking bout it until I can eat some thing sweet again. I’m hoping the more I move my body, the more I will crave foods that can sustain energy and therefore keep me moving.
  4. Be nicer to myself. Last year I had a mean battle with depression and anxiety. A lot of the time, I was being way too hard on myself! I am so gentle, compassionate, and understanding with many of my friends, s why can’t I give myself that same courtesy?

What are your resolutions?

New Year


On December 31st I had a tough morning. I slept horribly, I was frustrated that our Christmas vacation had been ruined by a plague of sickness, and so I gave Sophie to my mom and told her I was going to the beach. As I watched the sunrise, I tried to sort through all my thoughts and emotions so I could return to my family a little more clear-headed, and able to celebrate our last night together before we headed back to Ohio.

Whenever one takes time to think on New Year’s Eve, its almost impossible not to have the word “resolution” pop into your head. When I made resolutions last year, I was surprisingly easy on myself. I didn’t set goals that were unmanageable, and many of the goals were based on virtue as opposed to physical attributes (i.e. “give more quality of time to people” versus “get to such-and-such weight”) I certainly failed in many aspects of my resolutions, like my commitment to “complain less” yeah…. safe to say I didn’t make much of an effort in that area… But, my resolutions are a bit different this year knowing that we are headed into 2016 expecting a baby.

Some thing I want to focus on this year, is soaking in those rare but sweet moments. I slept horrible last night, so when Sophie woke up, I had her come back to bed with me so I could continue to rest while she played with my phone. About 20 minutes in, she set the phone aside, lay down next to me, and began stroking my hair. Then, every 10 strokes or so, she would kiss the top of my shoulder. When she was bored with this, she sweetly said “oooooh-uvv-you” (which roughly translates to “I love you”) before rolling back over to play with the phone again. It was such a sweet moment that I intend to recall for the rest of the day. I mean, I like to recall all the naughty things she does throughout the day, why not try to recall the sweet things just as often? (if not MORE often)

What are your resolutions?