7 Months Pregnant


I had every intention of sitting down and blogging over the past, cold, holidays. Obviously, that didn’t happen; and once again, I underestimated the exhaustion that comes with pregnancy!

I am now 7 months pregnant, with another little turning 2 next month, and our oldest approaching 4 in the spring. With almost three kids, we decided to stay home and not travel for the holidays. It was really relaxing when I was ironically expecting it to be lonely. I’ve been learning to be more aware of my limitations and finding peace in respecting them, even if it means missing out.


Both S and C are becoming more helpful to me as they see my mobility limited each day by an extremely swollen tummy. They pick up the things that I drop, bring me their cups, and throw away their trash. Of course, they still act like normal toddlers still… but these little acts of childlike kindness have been a huge consolation to me.

The one thing still making me anxious is giving birth. Even though I have done it twice now, each time has involved fighting with doctors, arguing with nurses, and having to advocate for myself and the kind of birth that I want. I’m afraid I’m attemptingĀ a medication-free birth this time around, which is typically met with a lot of resistance from the medical community. Just the thought of having to advocate for myself is exhausting. There is also the fear in the back of my mind, one which the medical community would love to convince me of, that I can’t actually do it naturally, on my own.

The truth is, I actually have been complacent in preparing to have a natural birth. DespiteĀ gathering books on different methods and downloading birth meditations, I haven’t read or listened to any. I’ve made the excuse of being busy, and surely I am with 2 toddlers, however, the time has come to make it a priority. This gives birth to yet another fear… the reality that this IS happening. I’ve been able to just daydream about those ideal moments one has with a newborn: the cuddles, the coos, the surprise smiles. I’ve ignored the trial that will come before those treasured times to the point where I now resist the inevitable.

Well, it is a goal for me in the next week to crack open a book and listen to a meditation. The time has come!

Terrible Two’s


Ok, so Sophie isn’t all that terrible, but we are definitely entering a new phase of independence and attitude. Some times it is comical when she imitates my heavy sighs, following up with an, “oh gosh…” and other times is makes my blood boil. From what I hear, that is what life with a toddler is all about.

She can recite all of her ABC’s [as well as most of the lyrics to “My Girl”], and is getting pretty good at counting too. She got some flash cards for her birthday that I am hoping will ignite her learning interest. She has moments of being both a tomboy and a girly-girl. She loves playing in the mud just as much as she loves glitter. It is fun to watch her pick and choose what she invests time and attention to.


We’ve come to a halt potty training wise, as that was hard for me to maintain during the move and also while I was in the hospital. I’m hoping to rekindle her interest in that as she was actually getting to be pretty successful.


She’s never been a smiley kid [as you can tell both from these pictures and past blog posts] but she has times of being hyper-excited as well as times of pouting [like during this photoshoot.


Sophie is an amazing sleeper. She takes 2 hour naps every single day, in addition to going right down for bed at 8 pm. We barely have a night time routine for her besides brushing her teeth, yet she goes to bed without a fuss and falls asleep almost instantly.


She truly is my best friend and love of my life. She has a wonderful imagination, and is intelligent beyond belief. It has been such an honor to raise her and watch her grow. Happy 2nd Birthday Sophie, and I hope to spend many many more with you, my girl!